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Running in large scale event, often for the first time can be a daunting process and also prohibitively costly to get everything you want, when you want it, how you want it...

Which is why we are there to help support you. This can be done through liaising with your suppliers leading up to and on the big day all the way through to setting up flags and fire pits to create that festival feel.

Beauty is in the detail

Transform the Field

In to a magical wonderland

What makes the Cotswold Field of Dreams unique is that it allows you to create a bespoke party just how you want it... personal to your taste and style. But this flexibility requires creativity to transform an open field in to a magical destination that you and your friends and family will remember forever. To help kick-start this transformation we can offer various bits, bobs and props to give structure, atmosphere and a bit of fun to your party...

We’re here to help

We can help in many ways. If you think of anything just ask, but here are a few of the most popular extras that we can hire out to you.

Festival flags

Create that festival feeling with a bunch of colourful, fun flags.

They’re great for breaking the field up and ideal for a quick and easy entrance from the car park to the main area.

Garden games

Giant Jenga, Cornhole and Quoits creates a whole lot of fun for children and adults. Make it a central attraction and games will keep everyone together and avoids the party breaking up.

Straw bales

Bales make a perfect rustic country setting for any ceremony or outdoor seating area. Seat 2 people per bale and arrange them in any configuration you like and throw some rugs on top for a comfy sofa.

Candle sculpture

Add some artistic inspiration to your party with this simple and effective candle log sculpture. It’s these subtle touches that bring everything together.

Fire pit and fuel

Everyone loves fire. Gives warmth, light and a great evening centrepiece. We’ve converted a tractor wheel to make a huge pit that will be sure to burn big all night long.

Ladders, crates & Jugs

A rustic way of presenting beautiful flowers, hearts, LOVE shapes, pictures and more. The perfect way to create an interesting and colourful marquee entrance.

If you looking for jaw dropingly beautiful, blank canvas venue then it really doesn't get any better than the Cotswold Field of Dreams.

Chris and Jess Owlett

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